Home Workout Routines

home-workout-routinesHome workout is something every people should do with consistency. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, deciding to be fit means stripping yourself off on every excuses that will come on your way.

So, why do you need commitment when you plan home workout routines? Commitment in doing your workout plan will increase your fitness level, generate a greater sense of mental well-being and will improve your health.

Importance of making a plan for home workout routines

When you want to achieve positive and permanent results, you will need to map out a plan for an activity or series of activities and it should be done with consistency. It is common for many people to be energized in working out and they just jumpstart right in. As a result, the fitness activity can no longer be sustained due to a drop off in enthusiasm in the long run. Thus, inconsistency will take its toll.

Having well-thought home workout activities will help you know what your goals are and how you can achieve them. Think and plan the types of exercises that you can do in a regular basis. Moreover, you would need to execute those plans at least three to four times a week to come up with best results. Also, you may want to invest on exercise equipments for a better and consistent workout.

Schedule your home workout routines

When you have decided on the types of exercises you will be performing, the next step would be to find a realistic time on how much you can spend for your workout.

You may want to do your regimen for at least an hour which will include a warm up exercise for 10 minutes, strength training for 50 minutes then cool down for 5 minutes. You can write your schedule to further enhance your commitment.

Additionally, you should do your cardio exercise in a separate day. You can have your schedule similar to this:

Day                                        Exercise

Monday                               Strength training at home

Tuesday                               Cardio

Wednesday                        Strength training at home

Thursday                             Cardio

Friday                                    Strength training at home

Saturday                              Rest

Sunday                 Rest

Cardio in home workout routines

Having a good cardio means jogging, running, bicycling, dancing, etc – which gets your pulse running into 50– 75% rate. Even if your goal is not to lose weight, it is important to keep doing cardio because it can help you during resistance training or activities.

In addition, you can do other types of cardio that you will surely enjoy. It includes playing basketball, tennis, etc. Just make sure not to do cardio with your resistance training because it can overdo your muscles.

Consistency in your home workout routines

In every goal you plan, you must carry it with consistency especially when it is about being fit and healthy. A lot of people are discouraged to continue their training or workout in the following days because of exhaustion and other significant factors. If you don’t want this to happen to you, be committed to your workout regimen. Then in no time, you will surely achieve your goals. This also goes the same to your other dreams and aspirations. Good luck!


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