Weight Loss Workout Plan

Proper and healthy diet plays an important role in controlling weight. However, you can attain an optimum result if it will be complemented with regular weight loss workout plan. So, what is the available workout plans to shed off excess body luggage?

In losing weight, there is also the need to extend your focus aside from being particular with diet. Increasing body movements by incorporating cardio workout and strength training are certainly the keys to weight loss.

As for the cardio workouts such as cycling and running, more calories are burned. On the other hand, strength training can reduce the percentage of body fat present in the body while building lean muscles which can be of efficient help in burning more fats. Nevertheless, both contribute to an enhanced metabolism.

Losing weight is a long-term goal thus; you really have to work a lot. Go visit the gym and utilize any available amenities with the help of a personal trainer. Nevertheless, this page will just touch the superficial in weight loss workout plan.

Monday- Wednesday- Friday Schedule: Stationary Bicycling

In the given days, you can schedule yourself to perform an indoor cycling which will last for 45 minutes. Beforehand, you first have to stretch your muscles to warm them up and pedal the bike at your comfortable pace and set a resistance at five on a scale of 10.

Afterwards, run the stationary bike at a quick pace for 30 seconds and return to your comfortable pace for 1 minute. Repeat for 10 times. Then, increase the resistance to 7 and ride for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. For the next time, ride the bike as if you are standing.

The next thing you need to do is to cool down. Repeat the sprint stage and decrease the tension on the bike. Return to your normal pace.

Tuesday and Thursday Schedule: Run and Run

Thirty minutes of running will be your workout routine for Tuesday and Thursday. Warm up first and go jogging at an increasing pace for five minutes. Afterwards, run for 30 seconds and resume your previous pace for 1 minute. Repeat this for 10 times. When you’re done, cool down by reducing your speed.

Two times a week strength training

You can start strength training before your workout to increase your energy as you lift weights. However, get yourself acquainted first with its types which are the resistance training and isometric training.

Nevertheless, workouts should include body-weight squat, forward lunge, dumbbell chest press, dumbbell step-up, front plank and dumbbell triceps kickback. Repeat and complete 10 sets.

Just remember to take a break for at least 30 seconds after you finished one set. Afterwards, do stretching to cool down your system.

With the given sample weight loss workout plan, you can now lose weight in a matter of time. However, the result will vary from one person to another. Just be committed and stick to your plan to reach your goal — a leaner and healthier you.



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